38 LED Outdoor Solar Light Waterproof Garden Path Street Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor and Light Sensor

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- Installed on the front door, open patio, back and sidewalks.

- High-efficiency solar panels Silicone single-crystal solar panels convert up to 19% of solar energy

- 120 degrees of sunlight energy and a 26 foot sensor range.

- Light control and motion control. When the person reaches a certain range, the light will automatically light up.

- Waterproof design don't worry about rainy days

Specifications: - Material: ABS plastic - Working mode: infrared human body induction - Solar panel power: Monocrystalline silicon solar panels can also be charged in rainy days 5.5V, 0.55W - 18650 lithium battery: 3.7V-1200mAh - Sensing distance: 3-5 meters 120 degrees - LED: upgraded version of high brightness 20 2835LED patch each 0.2W - Charging time: ≥ 8 hours - Working time: full of electricity, according to the number of inductions per night 50 times, can work continuously for 3~4 days - Intelligent machine power: <0.05mAh