Portable Water Pump Rechargeable Electric Water Dispenser with Stainless Steel tube for 19L and 5L Water Bottle

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Product Name: Water Pump
Size: 62 * 130MM
Rated Power: 5W
Color: Black and white
Material: ABS / Silica gel / 304 stainless steel
Applicable Bucket Type: Bucket, PC bucket with threaded mouth
Suitable Capacity: 5L, 19L.
- When charging, the red light goes on. When it's fully charged, the red light goes out.
- One click use
- Detachable and easy to clean, safer and healthier
- Powered by built-in rechargeable battery, supports micro-USB cable for charging.
- Strong ABS housing and safe 304 stainless steel spout, elegant and durable
- Easy to operate, just press the button and then hold cup waiting for drinking water
- Best replacement for your Dispenser Household Burden, is lightweight, Compact, easy to operate.
- Portable Device for Indoor use and outdoor activities like camping, picnic, etc.
- It is very Energy Saving
- Easy to install and use.
- Food Grade Silicone Tube, odor free, non-toxic, Healthy and Ecological use with absolute confidence.
- Can be set in the bottle mouth or use at the top of the desk. Easy to install and use.
- Perfectly adapted to the size of the water Barrell
- Gently press the switch, operating immediately